We are grateful to hundreds of authors, self-publishers and large publishing houses those have entrusted us with production and conversion of their eBooks in EPUB, Kindle, PDF/A formats and Print-PDFs for POD. We deliver an impeccable quality every time and warranty any errors till the editions have been perfected. BookCode is an express workflow for publishers and self-publishers. We offer end-to-end services, starting with conversion to popular eBooks formats: * EPUB 2.0 and EPUB 3.0; * Fixed-format EPUB for iPad; * Kindle, KF8; * Fixed-format Kindle edition for Kindle Fire & Kindle Fire HD; * PDF/A; and * POD-ready Print PDF; * NIMAS 1.1 (National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard). BookCode has international alliances to offer E-Publishing Integration Services for progressive publishers — White Label Integrated (eBooks + Print Books) Bookstores built around Adobe Content Server (security for eBooks) for distribution and retail of your eBooks (for EPUB editions) through publisher's own website; DRM protected eBooks Distribution & Warehousing; and DRM protected eBooks Retail. We offer Advanced Academic Content Authoring Solutions for E-Learning, Competency Based Education and Personalized Learning Solutions for School districts and Publishers.